Delores’s Dream

A Biography of Our Mother

By Ron Walker and Rita Hunter with Pamela Tuck

Solomon’s Plan

Gift of Education from a Father to His Son

By Ron Walker

Q & A with Ron

What inspired you to write Solomon's Plan?
My Father, Solomon Walker, asked me a question. He asked, "son, do you want to go to college?" I said, "yes". He said, "here is the plan, you will have to work every summer with me doing construction work."

What inspired you to write Delores's Dream?
My mother dreamed of being a teacher. She loved school and learning. However, the lack of financial support denied her entry to college. She poured her love for education into me. I became her dream.

How might both books help young people?
These books are packed with inspiration and the principles of resilience, goal setting, hope and joy. They can provide a guiding compass for young people's future aspirations.

How might your book help parents?
Both books remind and illuminate the role that parents have as their children's first teachers and advocates. They can serve as blueprints on how parents can support their children's education.

How might Solomon's Plan and Delores's Dream help educators?
Educators can use the content of each book to welcome, honor and invite parents to join them in the education of their children. Both books remind educators of the importance of respectful parent engagement.